Samsung’s Repair Charges for S10 series Devices Expose Apple’s Exorbitant Repair Charges

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 devices are an instant hit in the market as being the only competitor to the iPhone X series devices. Today, Samsung released a list of all of the repair charges for Galaxy S10 series devices in the market. And after checking the prices of Samsung and comparing it with Apple’s, it is clear that Apple is charging a lot to the customers for simple replacements. By releasing the repair cost sheet, Samsung has inadvertently exposed Apple for charging exorbitant prices for repairing the display and other parts. We already know that the manufacturing cost of Apple’s iPhone is half of the maximum retail price of the devices.

In the repair price sheet, Samsung said that they would repair Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus OLED displays for $199, $249 and $269 respectively. Apple is charging $279 and $329 to repair the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices with LCD screen. The glass panel on the rear side will cost Samsung users $99 for all of the models. The universal pricing is not present in iPhone as the company is charging the starting prices of $399 for the iPhone XR, $549 for the iPhone XS and $599 for the iPhone XS Max.

Charging this much amount for small damages is not good for the customers, as the price of repair is half the price of the devices. Samsung’s straightforward pricing is much affordable for users when they mess up with the device display or other parts. Even though Samsung casually released the price sheet for repairs of the Galaxy S10 devices, the pricing has revealed the excessive pricing for repairs. The customers of Apple would have to think two times before going to the service centers for repairing the iPhones and paying an exorbitant amount.

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