Have you Ever Seen a Black Hole? Pictures of Black Hole Revealed for the First Time

The unobservable thing from that the light cannot escape has captured in the cameras. Yes! The scientists have successfully captured the image of a black hole for the first time and revealed the same to the public. After 100 years of the origin of the concept of a black hole, the scientists are finally successful in capturing the image of the same. Today, the scientists have shared the actual image that has been colored for accurate representation to the public in a press conference held in Washington D.C.

From 100 years, the artists and scientists only relied on the data and the creative visualization of the same based on the data. But now, the creative visualization has become true as the captured image is precisely like the visualized image. For example, the actual black hole do look like the one from Interstellar Movie as the simulation done by supercomputers for the movie is accurate to the visual extent. The black hole is located in the center of Messier 87, which is a galaxy located 55-million light years away from earth. The Messier 87 or M87 galaxy rests in the Virgo constellation.

The image showed us the ring of light formed around the Black Hole due to its gravity. The black hole is a billion times heavier and more significant than our Sun. The radiation that is being thrown is surrounding the black hole for 5,000 light years. The international Collaboration involving 200+ members named as “Event Horizon team” collected the data from Event Horizon telescopes from NASA and ESA and captured the imagination of the Black Hole, which was never seen by humans. The Event Horizon Telescope that captured the data to create this image has Eight radio observatories located in six continents of the world. The array of telescopes observed the Virgo constellation for ten days in 2017, and the final result is revealed today after years of processing the data.

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