Dropbox Introduces Docs, Sheets, and Presentation integration – Save & Edit Docs from Dropbox

Google’s Docs, Sheets and Presentation are one of the best productivity suits that are made for replacing the need for standalone software. These cloud-based services are convenient for people on-the-go who need a lightweight alternative for heavy word processing or sheet management needs. As of now, Google allowed the users to store the documents and sheets on Google Drive and remotely edit it anywhere. Soon, Dropbox has announced the integration of Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Presentations for the convenience of the users.

With this announcement of integration, the users will be able to store and edit the Google Docs and Sheets files directly from the Dropbox storage account. There is no need to download the file and then manually open it from Google Docs or Sheets dashboard. The Enterprise customers of Dropbox can now directly open the saved DOCX or XLSX files from Dropbox storage and edit it on the go. Not all of the enterprise users have access to this service, but only those selected by the Dropbox team. It is a comfortable way for Business users to save and edit documents from the Dropbox account shared between the company employees.

For the starters, the integration can be activated by connecting the Google Account to Dropbox account. After that, a “Create New File” option will appear, and then the user will have to choose the format of the file. The options available as of now are DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files, which are compatible with the Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as other office suites. The users can even upload the data from Dropbox’s iOS, Android App and Windows, MacOS standalone software and access it from anywhere. As of now, the feature is still in the Beta mode and is only available to the team that has enrolled in Beta testing. The beta testing will last till May 6th, and by the end of this year, more users will get access to this integration feature.

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